Blade Bristle Dart Board

Dart Board Picture

Blade dart board is simply embedded a shot of iron in the board, and there is no fix clip on the surface of board, which greatly increase the area of each partition and reduce the chance of pop-up of darts.

Blade bristle dart board is made of millions of sisal fibers for self healing durability, and has a network of steel wires to separate the numbers.

Early dartboards were made out of coarse hog hairs called bristles and the term still remains even if alternative materials have long been used to replace it. Nowadays, the most common material used for bristle dart board is cork and sisal. While the cork material crumbles easily especially when it’s subjected to as much poking as the average pub dartboard can attest to. Sisal is a fibrous material commonly used in making rope. When a dart punctures the material, the fibers give way to the point so it nestles in between fibers. No actual hole and damage is made, which means the board can last a whole lot longer than cork.

Blade bristle dart boards designed to maximize averages and about 30%thinner than conventional round wire board. So blade dart board rewards championship quality bristle dartboard.